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Testimonials - Parents


Student - Sudhrashan (BN),
Parent- Jeeveshachar P

very happy with the school and the education system


Student - Ashwath (UKG),
Parent- Shaila

Good school , Unhappy with the change of faculties , Education and discipline is well maintained


Student - Jhanavi . A (UKG),
Parent- Ashok

Very happy with the way you teach and the way you treat every kid in equal manner , But not satisfied with Madhu sudhan performance compared to last year


Student - Nihal Ramesh (LKG) ,
Parent- Shyla

Main basics firstly thought to kids is good and we don't have to make him revise at home because the way of teaching is very good , the methods that teachers use to make kids understand is very well and appreciable , through this his language is improving very well. very happy with the service and well-maintained discipline


Student - Thanmitha .A (4th STD) ,
Parent- Anjinappa

Mainly education is very good and teaching method and the technique the teachers use is good


Student - Mrudhula (2nd STD) ,
Parent- Mohan

Education is very good and the way teachers make childern to understand is well , Uniform mainly for girls has to be changed in kind of Chudidhar , On the time of parents teachers meeting group discussion between parents and teachers has to be done better than giving individual attention to one kid


Student - Sahana (3rd STD) ,
Parent- Raju

Education is good , And the van facilities are also proper , fees to pay installment methods is very useful and extra curricular activities conducted in school makes children refreshing


Student - Ritesh .S (2nd STD) ,
Parent- Selvam

Language has been improved very much , principal ma'am takes attend of every child , in school the conduct debt , pick and speak and other competitions it improves speaking skill from this stage fear will not be there , principle ma'am gives very good knowledge to children as well as parents , swimming pool is also a part of academic through this the physical skills improves


Student - Monica .A (10th STD) ,
Parent- Anjini

My daughter is studying from 2nd std i am very happy to say that education is very good individual attention is given to every child remedial class will be conducted to improve the children , Principal ma'am and teaching staff is very supportive even i am not teaching my child at home what ever she learns in the school has given her the best results various cultural activities are conducted in the school that improves the knowledge even some times principal ma'am takes the classes